30-Days to a Rejuvenated You!

30-Day Kick the Cravings Challenge

  • Do your cravings include sugar, bread, pasta, alcohol, and cheese, or is it just one of those that is your general undoing?
  • Are you feeling a bit large, frumpy or sluggish for an upcoming wedding, vacation, reunion, or maybe an interview for a new job?
  • Do you keep dieting and gaining it back again?

From chronically overweight and obese to my ideal weight


It may not look like it now, but...

From the time I left home until my mid-50's, I vacillated between being overweight and obese. I loved everything bread, all sweets, rich food, and restaurants! Costco was heavenly, second only to places like Red Lobster with its cheese rolls and Margaritaville with its amazing bottomless bowls of chips. Sound familiar?

Thank goodness there was business attire for women, with jackets to cover me up, but other than that, I was hating the clothes I had to wear.  Then, I got sick, and things didn't get better for quite a while; when my doctor outlined some future health problems I was facing, it scared me silly! It was time to change!

With the help of a coach, a few years of classes in wellness, and a mindfully designed lifestyle diet that I love, I now easily maintain my ideal body size. Whether eating out or cooking at home, my confidence in food choices generally prevails. 

Without all the doctor's visits, there's plenty of time and energy for bike riding, gardening, and keeping up with the grandkids! 

Best of all, my health scares have resolved, and the future is bright again.


Check out this video, coming soon...


By doing the daily activities, you'll learn the foods you to add to your diet or avoid, based on your individual needs.

You'll have strategies to control the crazies and to help keep you focused.

You'll gain a renewed mindset to keep you on your journey well past our time together. 

And, since many eating habits have been with us since childhood, you'll learn ways to counter-punch them so emotions don't get in the way, which is key to cutting the cravings.

With the 30-Day Kick Your Cravings Challenge, you'll learn..

to recognize and release your emotions around food that hold you back from success


It can be so do so well for a while and just start eating the "old" way again!



By clearing our "natural" body of the chemicals that it's not built to withstand, you can practically hear your body become delighted and satisfied.

how to develop your own recipes and daily menu plans using samples from our GUIDES


The recipes are great, but what if they don't conform to your lifestyle enough? We'll teach you about the foods so you can easily make the substitutions

what snacks to keep on hand so that you can resist other food temptations


Because your favorite boss, or your best friend, bring you delightful snacks, sadly forgetting about the challenge you have embarked on.

how to Share the big news that you are on a new path of wellness


Because you don't want to be a hermit while you perform daily activities towards kicking your cravings, we'll give you ways to announce it to your peeps.

how to find quick answers to your questions in the middle of the night


We'll have a FAQ Unit in our Private Facebook Group so that you can quickly access the answers, or you can always ask in the discussion thread.

Join the over 50 Revolution...

What the 30-Day Kick your Cravings Challenge entails!

Over 30 days, you will watch 20 daily videos, each with a tip about wellness, food, or mindset designed to increase your body's ability to resist cravings. You will be asked to perform a daily activity that corresponds with the prompt, and then post your activity under the video, and respond to one other person's post.

Some Details and What you'll get

Beyond the Bonuses...there's Prizes!

Of course, we can't forget the Prizes!

I feel like just doing the challenge will be an amazing reason to go all the way to the end and feel how quickly your body rejuvenates itself.

Still, some of us (like me) work a little harder when there is a tangible prize at the end, and that's why I offer you prizes.

There is a GRAND PRIZE! You receive one entry each time you post under the daily video. You can post with a picture, a written post, or your own video. The drawing will be held on March 17th during the Live FB video.

There is a JOINING PRIZE!  You are given an opportunity to get up to three entries  simply for joining the challenge The drawing for this prize will also be held on the last day during the FB Live Video.

And, there will be random Facebook Live videos where I will be giving out various prizes throughout the month!  Those who are able to join me Live and are the first person to correctly answer a question about the information in the challenge will get a prize!

So, if you are engaged in any way in this challenge, you could win BIG!


Rejuvenate your body in just 30 Days

30-Day Kick the Cravings Challenge

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Be the start of an After 50 Revolution, where multiple medications and numerous doctor visits are a thing of the past.  Enjoy spending more time doing what you love and love the body your doing it in.  

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Erin S., 1/2020


"Each day was a fun & informative way to really help land the information so it sticks!   

I've loved the challenge and this [an Appetite Suppressant Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler] is just the best gift! & can't wait to get to today's video - 

it's why I'm here!"

Pam K., 1/2020


 "Working with Carole I now know that kicking the cravings is more than just going "cold turkey" on the sweets. It's incorporating new habits along with resetting programmed mindsets from the past that trigger the cravings and overeating along with food changes." 

Janet K., 1/2020


"Carole, I am loving this challenge. Very different than I thought it would be. The challenges were fun and different and really kept me engaged."

Time is running out...


  • Sign up [date to be determined] for this prize:   
    1. THREE entries for the Join Prize!



  • Sign up [date to be determined] for this prize:
    1. Two Entries for the Join Prize!


30-Day Kick the Cravings Challenge

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card